Still Hunt

Location: East Drive at 76th Street

Artist/Designer: Edward Kemeys

Materials: Bronze, natural rock

Installation: 1883

Funding: Gift of the artist, with public support for the casting


Edward Kemeys is considered the first successful American animalier, or animal sculptor. After the Civil War, he worked as an axe-man, clearing the land in Central Park. Observing an artist at work in the Park’s menagerie (now Zoo), Kemeys decided to become a self-taught artist, specializing in animals in natural scenes. He enjoyed sculpting any animal, people too occasionally, but was especially fond of felines. In addition to the site-specific Still Hunt, his bronze lions grace the entrance to the Art Institute of Chicago. 


Perched on a rock outcropping high above the road, the cougar (or mountain lion) in Still Hunt is sizing up potential prey. The realistic pose has startled many joggers. Runners have informally named the area Cat Hill.




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