Statues of Central Park

In this section, you will find a comprehensive list of the statues and decorative art in Central Park. Some statues by the same artist, or two pieces in the same location, are described as a set, like Dancing Goat and Honey Bear, but most are described as unique works. The works are provided in alphabetical order, although many are listed by the last name of the subject, the name we expect you to search for. For example, you will find Beethoven under "B" rather than Ludwig and Schiller under "S" rather than Friedrich. To learn more about a work, just scroll through the thumbnail images below and click on the work of interest. You will find basic information for each work, multiple photos (including closeups of details), a map to help you locate the piece in the Park, and text describing how the work came to be in the Park or perhaps something of interest about the artist. To locate a work by name, you can just click on the Statues drop-down menu and scroll through to the piece you want. Enjoy!

7th Regiment Memorial
107th Infantry Memorial
Alice in Wonderland
Hans Christian Andersen
Angel of the Waters
Bethesda Fountain
Group of Bears
Ludwig van Beethoven
Bethesda Fountain
Angel of the Waters
Bethesda Terrace
Minton Tile Ceiling
Bethesda Terrace
Piers and Balustrades
Simon Bolivar
Arthur Brisbane Memorial
Burnett Memorial Fountain
Secret Garden
Robert Burns
Cherry Hill Fountain
City Employees War Memorial
Flagpole Hill
Cleopatra's Needle
The Obelisk
Christopher Columbus
on The Mall
Columbus Monument
Columbus Circle
William Shakespeare
William Tecumseh Sherman
Snow Babies
and Mother Goose
William T. Stead Memorial
Still Hunt
Charles B. Stover Memorial Bench
The Tempest
and Romeo and Juliet
Albert Thorvaldsen
Tigress and Cubs
Untermeyer Fountain
Three Dancing Maidens
Vanderbilt Gate
Daniel Webster
Women's rights pioneers
Dancing Goat
Honey Bear
Delacorte Musical Clock
Frederick Douglass
Eagles and Prey
Duke Ellington
The Falconer
Flagpole Hill
City Employees War Memorial
Andrew Haswell Green Bench
Fitz Greene Halleck
Alexander Hamilton
Victor Herbert
Honey Bear
and Dancing Goat
Alexander von Humboldt
Richard Morris Hunt Memorial
Waldo Hutchins Memorial Bench
Imagine Mosaic
Indian Hunter
King Jagiello
Polish King
Fred Lebow
Lehman Gates
Levy Gate
Sophia Loeb Memorial Fountain
Lombard Lamp
USS Maine National Monument
Jose Julian Marti
Giuseppe Mazzini
Minton Tile Ceiling
Bethesda Terrace Ceiling
John Purroy Mitchel Memorial
Thomas Moore
Samuel F.B. Morse
Mother Goose
and Snow Babies
The Obelisk
Cleopatra's Needle
Osborn Gates
The Pilgrim
Pulitzer Fountain
Romeo and Juliet
and The Tempest
The Rowers
Jose De San Martin
Friedrich Von Schiller
Walter Scott

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