Location: 72nd Street near Central Park West

Artist/Designer: Ancient Greco-Roman design executed by craftsmen from Naples

Materials: Marble tiles

Installation: October 9, 1985 (the 45th anniversary of John Lennon’s birth)

Funding: Gift of Naples, Italy


Early in their relationship, singer/songwriter John Lennon and Yoko Ono planted an acorn as a symbol of their love, and they watched it grow into an oak tree over the years. After he was murdered in 1980 in front of their home in the Dakota Apartments, across from Central Park at 72nd Street, Ono wanted a living tribute to him, like that oak tree, not a memorial like a statue. Strawberry Fields is the landscape that developed from Ono’s generosity and her collaboration with landscape architect Bruce Kelly. Ono invited countries to send gifts of trees, shrubs, plants, and other items that would help create an international garden of peace. A brass plaque, down the hill from the mosaic, lists the countries that contributed to the memorial garden. The city of Naples funded the Imagine mosaic, which is based on an ancient design that was selected by Ono. Neapolitan craftsmen built the sunburst-patterned mosaic on site.


Strawberry Fields, with its Imagine mosaic, is one of the most popular sites in the Park. Visitors from around the globe come to this area, which was a favorite place for John and Yoko to walk and, perhaps, to imagine a world in which all people could live in peace.


For more about Strawberry Fields (and Yoko Ono and her current projects), visit this website: Imagine Peace.com

Imagine Mosaic

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