Location: 68th Street, west side

Artist/Designer: Giovanni Turini, sculptor; F. Matriati, architect           

Materials: Bronze, Westerly granite

Installation: 1878

Funding: Donated by Italian-Americans


A poet, patriot, and politician, Mazzini (1805–1872) played a major role in the 19th century unification of the many separate states that became the nation of Italy. Inspired by the French Revolution, Mazzini advocated popular uprisings and helped to sway public opinion through his writing. He was exiled and imprisoned many times. Unfortunately, Mazzini never witnessed the final unification of Italy, although he did see its beginnings.


The bust of Mazzini in Central Park is set on a tall pedestal. It is inscribed with words that express Mazzini’s views: Dio E ll Populo (God and the people) and Pensiero Ed Azione (thought and action).

Giuseppe Mazzini

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